Types Of Gamers

Oh so he didn’t betray you yet… -This is the level you die… -That one is not really evil… -Love I’m so glad you didn’t hang out with your friends -Look at that! Aren’t you having fun? I’m having so much fun! -C’mon! Here, come here!

-Go, go! -So you play… -Pc! Just it -Right -I play Wii -It’s good, right? -My favorite game’s ‘Half-Life 2’ -Amazing! The best, after the first one -What? ‘Just Dance : Star Wars’ is the best -It is very good.

It got 9 stars… -…9 out of 10? -…no, 9 out of 100 -But that’s great I swear -Are you really enjoying this game? -Did you take a look at those textures?

The floor looks like the roof -You have a beard! You have a beard and you’re playing that kind of game -Like, really? Your mom coming in every 2 minutes and this couch’s color sucks… -Excuse me! Let me remind you this is ‘My Little Pony’ -If you want to talk videogames, just get yourself a YouTube channel! -Score?

-1 – 1…this one’s for the game -Okay PENALTY SHOOT-OUT -It’s easy for you, I never played PlayStation -Yeah sure -It’s easy for you, I never played XBox -Yeah sure -It’s easy for you…my keyboard wasn’t even connected -You can’t look behind the corners anyway… -You’re right… -You can’t really move it better if you move too…and what the hell are you wearing? -I play it safe! -Why did I buy this horror game? -What’s this game abo… -It’s cool! I played it too -Really?

-My mother? -Your mother! “Your mother you!” -What the hell…Vittorio?

Vittorio? -How long have you been here? -Wait… -In game… -…or real life? -In real life!

NOT CONNECTED -How can people get obsessed with this game? -Kill!!!

Can you feel that? Oh, double kill! -Triple kill!

I’m sure you felt it, didn’t you? -Monster kill! -420 – no scope! I knew it!

I knew it! -Did you get League of Legends? -Stop it! I’m not going to play that game -Please, get LoL! -Mirko, I’m on the toilet!

Please, get out! -Please, pleeeease! -You finally got League of Legends! -Mirko, please stop it!

I won’t play that game -You’re playing it right now -I absolutely agree with you -Mom! I’ll be there in a minute, I’m talking to my friends! -Sorry guys, I gotta go!

-Bye! Piero, see you soon -Anyway I think you should cut your hair Subscribe…c’mon, subscribe…I SAID SUBSCRIBE!