Building The Ultimate Thunderbolt Gaming Setup

(upbeat music) – Hey guys this is Austin and this is The Ultimate Thunderbolt Setup. This is how our project started a few months ago when I had a conversation with Intel’s Thunderbolt team about what really to me felt like a very obvious use-case for Thunderbolt. A single cable powering an entire crazy, over the top, gaming setup. Luckily they agreed and alongside Dell, Intel was able to sponsor this entire setup and make it happen. The setup is built around the Dell XPS 13. This is a terrific ultrabook.

Not only is it powered by the latest eighth generation Core i7 processor but you have great battery life, a good screen, all the normal kind of laptop stuff but what it lacks is some dedicated graphics for gaming which is where Thunderbolt comes in. The XPS is connected to the Aorus GTX 1080 gaming box. This little enclosure here houses not only a full GTX 1080 graphics card but it also has a power supply to power not only the graphics card and the laptop but it also has USB ports for the rest of our accessories. What’s great about this is that with a single Thunderbolt 3 cable your thin and light Dell that you carry around all day long turns into a full proper gaming setup. There are a wide variety of Thunderbolt 3 enclosures available most of which have graphics cards built in and those start at around 350 dollars or so.

But there are also other options without the GPU that you can add yourself. So these start at around $200 and one of the ones I recently took a look at was the Razer Core X. This supports a full-size graphics card with plenty of power for pretty much anything you want to put in there.

The reason we chose to go with the gaming box is for a few reasons. First of all the a GTX 1080 is a lot of power paired with an ultrabook like this but it also has some additional features. So first of all we have a series of USB ports on the back which is helpful because we wanted to make sure that all of our accessories could be wired in with just that single Thunderbolt cable. And on top of that this does support a full 100 watts of power delivery which means we don’t have to charge our laptop either. It really is one single Thunderbolt 3 cable to make this entire setup work.

To take advantage of all this gaming hardware we have three full monitors. And by monitors I mean TVs. These are TVs, they’re 55 inch 4K HDR panels so this in hindsight may have been a little bit of overkill but I mean come on we’re building the ultimate Thunderbolt setup. Overkill’s kinda what you’re here for right? Paired with this are my favorite gaming peripherals right now. First of all we have the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard.

I did an entire video about that you should definitely go check it out. This is straight up my favorite keyboard that I’ve ever tried. Alongside this we have the Zowie, what is it the BenQ Zowie, FK1 I knew it it’s the FK1. This is actually the mouse I’ve been using for like two years now. Not only do I use it for editing and general use but it is really great for gaming as well. I probably should have know the the name of the mouse shouldn’t I have?

All this is backed up by my favorite game pad right now, the Xbox One wireless controller. Now this has seen a few revisions over the years most notably it now has Bluetooth and you can also do a cool design lab version which maybe doesn’t match with the setup but I don’t care ’cause it’s my custom Austin not Duncan one. But the cool thing is this going to be a nice benefit for when you want to play racing games or stuff that doesn’t work well with a mouse and keyboard. (buttons clicking) – [Camera Man] Don’t do that, that won’t.

Don’t do that. Stop. – What’s really cool about this is when you sit in front of it and you realize just how immersive it is. I mean look at this we’ve got three displays all running in surround and it’s so seamless. I mean yeah the TVs have a little bit of a border but I mean come on this is so cool. It’s almost like sitting with like a VR headset on as opposed to three giant TVs.

Oh dude, dude (laughing) are you serious? What? This is the point of the video where I’m just like freaking out the whole time. So we’re playing on full epic settings too. So right now the resolution’s set to 5760 by 1080 but it’s full epic basically everything. And frame rate wise we’re doing pretty solid.

I mean we’re pretty much around 50 to 60 fps. See I do a lot of videos with Fortnite right and a lot of the time I’m playing on like $200 PCs or like seven frames per second on ultra low settings but this totally feels like cheating. I mean sure when I’m looking ahead it looks like a fairly standard field of view.

But I look left and right I could have such a competitive advantage. The only slight downside is that some of the information is all the way over to the left or all the way over to the right such as the mini map. I mean sure you could go build an incredibly expensive gaming PC and get this sort of permanent setup going but the greatest part is as soon as I’m done with this game I unplug this single cable and I’ve got my normal ultrabook that’s completely portable that I can take with me to school or work or whatever. Wow dude this is like trippy (laughing). It’s like almost enough to get you motion sick it’s so immersive.

Alright let’s do this. I’m comin’. (gun report) There we go I can be helpful. You have a very cool cape.

Dude this is so immersive I mean it’s crazy just how into the game I feel. This feels incredibly dangerous. I shouldn’t be hiding underneath this tree right now.

I’m just gonna run, running is always a good option right? Oh yeah. Ha ha, I like this. (gun firing) (Austin laughs) No, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. That’s not how this works. That’s not how this…alright well it’s fine. We came in number two.

I cannot go back to playing games on a mere single display or a phone or a switch or a $200 laptop. Ken don’t make me go back. Can I just do this now? I actually might get good at Fortnite if I play on this setup. Next up we have Forza Horizon 4. Not only is this one of my favorite games out there but the PC version’s actually really good this year.

Which is especially helpful when you have three giant TVs in front of you. If you wanna be lame you can drive outside the car and I mean I guess that’s fine but nah. This is the way to do it. Something I’m noticing is that the mirrors in the game I never really paid that much attention to playing on like Xbox but it makes a big difference here on PC.

Not only are the reflections nice and high quality but I can really see especially with this right hand mirror when people are behind me. It’s a small thing but it really kinda goes to show just how useful a setup like this can be. See nope, nope, nope that was too aggressive. That was too aggressive that’s okay I made it. Oh no you don’t, there we go.

Little bump never hurt anybody right? I do have the same problem as I did with Fortnite and it’s some of my information like the hud is way too far away but I mean come on it’s fine. It’s like a real race I don’t need my mini map I can just kinda drive by the seat of my pants and the voice of the GPS. Of course Thunderbolt is useful for more than just purely playing games. So not only are we adding a ton of extra graphics horsepower to our system but we do have all the extra USB ports and power and stuff and we also have the ability to hookup multiple 4K monitors. So that’s something that’s going to make a big difference in things like video editing and racing games.

But mostly video editing and creative professional activities like drifting. And that is the ultimate thunderbolt setup. A lot of work went into not only our brand new set but getting this all together.

A huge shout out to everyone here and of course massive thank you to Intel and Dell for sponsoring this video. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go do some real work on my tiny XPS 13. (hip hop music)

13 Small Tips To Make You A BETTER Gamer!

So you want to be a better gamer? This video is for you! Some of us consider ourselves good gamers, but in reality, there is always room for improvement and sometimes we may not be as good as we might think.

So today you’re watching gamerbrain and we have 13 smalls tips to make you a better gamer! #13.) Start at the lowest difficulty Starting at the lowest difficulty within a game can be the difference between a successful play through or an early rage quit. Start off by playing on the lowest difficulty level possible and slowly work your way up once you’ve mastered things like the controls within the game, the level layout, boss patterns and much more.

Starting off easy when playing a video game is definitely one of the most useful strategies to implement when playing, Trust me it works and you’ll thank me later. #12.) Have No interruptions: Now we’ve all been in a very important match of cod, Halo or FIFA and our little brother, sister, mom or dad or whoever the hell else is around us has come into our room telling us to take the trash out, or go to the store and this is pretty frustrating considering you’re in the middle of an online game and probably can’t pause.

But let’s be honest, whoever interrupted you probably doesn’t understand this, so this tip is to make sure you have done anything you need for your family before sitting down for a gaming session to avoid those annoying interuptions. #11.) Ensure you’re using a wired internet connection this one is probably the most obvious tips on this list but for gamers, and that is to have a wired internet connection when gaming online, not only will you have better download and upload speeds, you’ll lower your ping and you’ll also have less chance of getting disconnected during a play session. This is really important for people playing fps games like COD, Destiny basically any game where timing is key.

Wire up that connection and you won’t regret it. #10.) Have lots of Energy: Playing first person shooters, or puzzle games can actually use up a lot of energy in your brain due to your reaction time or puzzle solving skills, so if you don’t have a lot of energy in your body you’re gonna be tired, grumpy and not gonna perform very well while playing a video game. While personally I do not advise energy drinks I advise waiting until you’ve had breakfast and definitely a good night’s rest before playing competitive or against a friend. #9.)

Knowledge: Knowledge, knowing a lot about a particular class or weapon within a game or just knowing a lot about the game you’re playing is a sure-fire way to beat anyone who doesn’t know about the gun or class or the game you’re playing. this tip applies to a wide variety games such as Halo, COD, CSGO, TF2, Pokémon and many many more. Remember, knowledge is power kids, and knowing is half the battle! #8.) Watch youtube videos or follow walkthroughs Youtube game walkthroughs and written walkthroughs can truly be your best friend if you’re a gamer.

Since the early days of video games walkthroughs have been an essential part of the gaming process, sure you may like to figure things out on your own, but if you are really really stuck on a certain level within a game then consulting a walkthrough seems like a godsend. Definetly search up some walkthroughs and you might just find an easteregg you didn’t know about or get through that level that got the best of you. #7.) Know your controls: This one is pretty obvious, but oh so important! Everyone plays video games differently, if you play on console you can choose between a bunch of different controller layouts, or if you’re on PC you can customise every key right down to your mouse buttons to whatever you desire, wanna jump with right click because you play better with it? Go for it!

The way you play can ultimately decide the fate of you, or your foe. #6.) Always play the campaign or tutorial: Playing the campaign or tutorial before jumping online or doing a speed run of the campaign OR a legendary playthrough can ALWAYS help, given you time to learn the basics, the little tricks, weapons, counters, good defence, good attacks and the way around maps (if it’s a game that uses single player maps on multiplayer) #5.) Practice makes almost perfect: Practice in games can go a long way, especially in online, as tuning your mind and senses to the way the game plays can be very advantages. A lot of good players normally have hundreds of hours put into a game. You’ll notice the difference immediately between someone with hundreds of hours and someone who only has dozens of hours.

#4.) Preparation: Stocking up on potions, perks, weapons and armour that will do good against the enemy you’re going to be fighting is key. For example, fighting against Adloin in Skyrim is a VERY difficult thing to do without potions or good armour, or fighting the elite four in any Pokémon game, you’re Pokémon may be strong, but you never know if a move will kill your pokemon and screw up you’re plans. That’s why a potion is always necessary, or even revives preparation is key folks.

#3.) Patience: You won’t get very far without patience. Re-doing the same level over and over again is sure to get on anyone’s nerves but you must remember that in order to succeed you must fail, over and over and over again before you can get it right. That might mean replaying parts of a level you couldn’t beat or just planning moves carefully but This also applies to real life in ways too but this is a countdown about gaming so onto the next, #2.) Variety: Don’t just play one game all the time like FIFA, A good gamer plays all sorts of games, not just one, for instance, someone who only plays Halo all the time is not a good gamer, they are a good halo player, same goes for FIFA and COD or Sims. However, someone who plays a wide variety of games and is good at them IS a gamer as they do not confine themselves to one genre.

#1.) Always save: This tip is most important as nearly everything on this list can be obtained by doing this, it also goes hand in hand with patience. Boss battle? Fighting Karstaag? About to battle a gym trainer or capture a pokemon?

Save your game beforehand. I can’t stress this enough because Then if you fail, you can reload, and do it again and again and again and again. This can help you learn from previous mistakes and help build your patience.

Saving is key guys because depending on the game you’re playing it pretty much allows you to have infinite continues, and really that’s not a bad thing.

Types Of Gamers

Oh so he didn’t betray you yet… -This is the level you die… -That one is not really evil… -Love I’m so glad you didn’t hang out with your friends -Look at that! Aren’t you having fun? I’m having so much fun! -C’mon! Here, come here!

-Go, go! -So you play… -Pc! Just it -Right -I play Wii -It’s good, right? -My favorite game’s ‘Half-Life 2’ -Amazing! The best, after the first one -What? ‘Just Dance : Star Wars’ is the best -It is very good.

It got 9 stars… -…9 out of 10? -…no, 9 out of 100 -But that’s great I swear -Are you really enjoying this game? -Did you take a look at those textures?

The floor looks like the roof -You have a beard! You have a beard and you’re playing that kind of game -Like, really? Your mom coming in every 2 minutes and this couch’s color sucks… -Excuse me! Let me remind you this is ‘My Little Pony’ -If you want to talk videogames, just get yourself a YouTube channel! -Score?

-1 – 1…this one’s for the game -Okay PENALTY SHOOT-OUT -It’s easy for you, I never played PlayStation -Yeah sure -It’s easy for you, I never played XBox -Yeah sure -It’s easy for you…my keyboard wasn’t even connected -You can’t look behind the corners anyway… -You’re right… -You can’t really move it better if you move too…and what the hell are you wearing? -I play it safe! -Why did I buy this horror game? -What’s this game abo… -It’s cool! I played it too -Really?

-My mother? -Your mother! “Your mother you!” -What the hell…Vittorio?

Vittorio? -How long have you been here? -Wait… -In game… -…or real life? -In real life!

NOT CONNECTED -How can people get obsessed with this game? -Kill!!!

Can you feel that? Oh, double kill! -Triple kill!

I’m sure you felt it, didn’t you? -Monster kill! -420 – no scope! I knew it!

I knew it! -Did you get League of Legends? -Stop it! I’m not going to play that game -Please, get LoL! -Mirko, I’m on the toilet!

Please, get out! -Please, pleeeease! -You finally got League of Legends! -Mirko, please stop it!

I won’t play that game -You’re playing it right now -I absolutely agree with you -Mom! I’ll be there in a minute, I’m talking to my friends! -Sorry guys, I gotta go!

-Bye! Piero, see you soon -Anyway I think you should cut your hair Subscribe…c’mon, subscribe…I SAID SUBSCRIBE!

Top 10 Video Games That Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Hello Internet – and welcome back to Top 10 Gaming – you might notice something’s a little bit different, and yes – I’m unfortunately not Kelly, but considering the title of this particular video – the powers that be thought they’d get someone a little scarier involved. What’s going on guys – my name’s Jack Finch – and today I’ll be your host as we compile the greatest video game titles out there that will get your skin scrawling in a seasonal fashion – in the Top 10 Video Games That Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit. Roll the clip. Fear not guys – I’m only passing through – this isn’t a permanent thing – but before we begin this video, I’m sure you all know the drill by now – if you’re a fan of Horror Video Games or just Top 10 Gaming in general, then be a champ and hit that thumbs up button – and make sure to ding that subscribe bell so you can stay up to date with our latest and greatest gaming content. So, in no particular order – flying in at our Number 10 Spot – online blackjack nz.

And what a classic to kick us off at – yeah, we’ll probably skim over the ending because a DLC conclusion absolutely sucks – but we can’t forget that 2010’s Alan Wake from Remedy Entertainment was a pretty ballsy game on release. The plot plays out like a Stephen King novel – as we take up the mantle of best-selling thriller novelist Alan Wake – who retreats to the small Washington town of Bright Falls to cure his writers block and get over the fact of his wife’s strange disappearance. As we slowly pull back the layer of this strange, sleepy town – the events from his latest novel – which Alan can’t remember writing – start to come to life. Yeah – it’s kind of 2spooky – but this psychological thriller actually stands up to its promise of being a considerably dark gaming experience. For one, the soundtrack of this game is absolutely stunning – and the small, atmospheric nuances really add to that strange, otherworldly – almost Lovecraftian vibe. If you enjoyed the Max Payne series, then Alan Wake is a horror step in the right direction.

Climbing through our window at Number 9 – Five Nights At Freddy’s Goddamn this game and my fear of lifelike inanimate objects. If you’ve ever been to a Chuck E. Cheese or something similar – and stared into the cold, dead, lifeless eyes of the animatronic entertainment – I say that lightly – and wondered why the hell anyone would ever think that this was a good idea to entertain small children – then you’ll be pretty safe and sound with the Five Nights at Freddy’s Franchise. I say franchise, because – they’re all equally worth a playthrough. In the majority of the series, you take up the mantle of a security guard at ShowBiz Pizza Place – a strange, terrifying pastiche to Chuck E. Cheese – and guess what, you’re locked inside with a bunch of homicidal mechanical maniacs with essentially only a flashlight and a series of security cameras to defend yourself with. Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken – Foxy the Pirate Fox – yeah, it only gets worse from then on. Scary shit.

Coming in at Number 8 – What Remains of Edith Finch This perhaps may be a much needed departure from the nature of our other games, but What Remains of Edith Finch makes this list purely for its capability to deliver genuinely creepy moments – with very little technical output. Also, it’s a video game that features my last name – so you know, family ties and that. It plays like a classic horror tale – almost fairytale in its execution – and it does a lot with very little. Admittedly, this game isn’t for everybody – as I appreciate that magical-realism can put a lot of people off – but atmospherically speaking, this game does a lot to unsettle the player – particularly the story of Barbara. You take up the role of Edith Finch – dubbed America’s most unfortunate family – at her American family home in Washington state, as you peel back the layers of death and bad luck that has befuddled your family. Yeah, it’s a walking sim, yeah it’s a simple plot – but its atmospherically gorgeous, and it delivers a great twist.

Next up at Number 7 – MediEvil. Not gonna lie – I absolutely love this game, mainly for nostalgia’s sake – but there’s no better way than to get into the Halloween spirit that to watch a gangly skeleton skip around a graveyard with an arsenal of medieval weaponry. Yeah, this game is pretty camp and outdated – and probably falls short as a bit of a mindless hack-and-slash extravaganza – but it ticks all the box for me when I think of Halloween – so that’s why it’s making the list.

You play as Sir Daniel Fortesque – an unfortunate, unwitting hero who lived his life as a lie, before being reanimated as the only skeletal hero who can save the kingdom of Gallowmere. It takes a huge amount of artistic influence from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas – and manages to squirm out a soundtrack reminiscent of Beetlejuice – but it definitely hits the mark as a Halloween horror slasher. Sliding in at Number 6 – Dead Space. Alright – let’s be serious now – you guys want some genuinely terrifying horror masterpieces, right? Well – unless you’ve been living underneath a console shaped rock, then you’ve probably played Dead Space in some shape or form – be it on your own in a dark room – or watching someone else behind a pillow. In terms of gameplay – then Dead Space 2 should definitely make this list over its first title – but Dead Space, while being a little clunky in the controls – makes the grade down to its genuinely edge-of-your-seat horror-thriller moments.

This game is creepy as hell, and delivers it in bucketloads. It plays into the same vein as what the early Resident Evil series managed to capture – that bleak feeling of hopelessness, balanced on a knife edge by the curiosity of what the hell is that at the end of this corridor? Jumpscares, invincible necromorphs, and a killer soundtrack. I’ll say no more. Popping in at Number 5 – Grim Fandango Alright guys – I get it, this game isn’t scary at all – but Halloween is a time for the dead to stretch their legs and have their moment in the spotlight – and what better way to remember and appreciate the souls deceased than with the absolute masterpiece of a game, 1998’s Grim Fandango by LucasArts. Seriously – this is one of the greatest games of all time – testament to its 2015 remastered version for pretty much every platform, and its planned remastering for the Nintendo Switch.

There’s a reason that this game keeps cropping up. It’s a mish-mash of film noir and Mexican Aztec beliefs, choreographed effortlessly by Manny Calavera – skeletal travel agent turned sleuth as he journeys through the Land of the Dead. Also, I don’t say this lightly – but this game has possibly the greatest soundtrack of all time – if I haven’t convinced you, then play it purely for that reason. Next up at Number 4 – Until Dawn. Yeah – probably the last game I’ve played that genuinely scared me.

Not for it’s particularly original plot – or groundbreaking mechanics – but because there’s just so much that you can get wrong. Until Dawn is oppressive in its player punishment, and the anxiety of making the wrong decision in a split second scenario feeds that gnawing fear throughout the game. Also, just a genuinely great polish to this game – simple yet effective gameplay – and a well executed premise that plays as a love letter to the horror genre. Admittedly – it’s probably too short, and it gets pulled down by some of the visual patchiness – but if you want to feel like a teen in a slasher movie – then play Until Dawn, because it delivers.

Coming in next at Number 3 – Luigi’s Mansion. Alright, alright – I hear you, Nintendo can’t do scary – Luigi’s too goofy. But that’s not what we’re getting at here – we’re talking about atmosphere, and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to play a vacuum welding plumber – crawling through a creepy house and cleaning up poltergeists?

Well – with the best selling Gamecube title of all time, that’s how. Also, it’s just a great game all in all – and is testament to Nintendo’s enjoyable simplicity. Yeah, I heard its shortcomings – It was criticised on release for its minimal length – but I think that plays into our advantage as a Halloween title – and an atmospheric classic that you can complete in an entire October evening.

Next up at our Number 2 spot – Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Yes – yes – yes. A truly, truly terrifying modern Horror classic. For me, the 2010 title from Frictional Games delivers on so many levels that it’s hard to discern what actually makes this game so scary. Again, like we’ve seen with titles like Resident Evil and Dead Space – it has that hallway element of complete futility – and even darker still, Amnesia pits the player with completely zero weaponry. Our only armor against the horrific nightmare is light itself – a rusty lantern, a spare match – a tinderbox – why did we just walk down this corridor, we’ve just ran out of oil – oh shit, what’s that noise.

Yeah, it plays pretty simply – yeah, it’s plot may be a little ham-fisted and cliche – but damn, is this game scary. I understand why good horror games are so successful – and why bad ones fall short of the mark, but for me – Amnesia is a completely different beast. I’m not saying it’s the scariest game ever made – possibly far from it – but it’s something you need to experience – preferably alone, at night, on Halloween.

And finally – at our Number 1 spot – Silent Hill 2. Because this one – in fact – is actually the scariest game ever made, and if you haven’t played it – then I highly recommend that you do so this Halloween. Or tomorrow. Or whatever’s best for you.

Just play it. Silent Hill 2 is a game that just makes you /feel/ weird, from start to finish – and doesn’t let up for a single moment, even in it’s down moments. The entire game is just so unnerving – delivering this weird, unexplainable sense of uneasiness where something about this game just feels off. Even down to the way the controls handle – the way the camera can’t quite give you the right viewpoint – or the way that the player won’t move in the direction that he’s facing.

Without spoiling anything from this game – you play as James Sunderland as he makes his way through the strange town of Silent Hill after receiving a mysterious letter from his wife. That’s all I’m gonna say. Just play it if you haven’t. And Happy Halloween. Unfortunately folks, that’s all we’ve got time for today – cheers for sticking around. Normal viewing will return to Kelly tomorrow, but thanks for having me right here on Top 10 Gaming