13 Small Tips To Make You A BETTER Gamer!

So you want to be a better gamer? This video is for you! Some of us consider ourselves good gamers, but in reality, there is always room for improvement and sometimes we may not be as good as we might think.

So today you’re watching gamerbrain and we have 13 smalls tips to make you a better gamer! #13.) Start at the lowest difficulty Starting at the lowest difficulty within a game can be the difference between a successful play through or an early rage quit. Start off by playing on the lowest difficulty level possible and slowly work your way up once you’ve mastered things like the controls within the game, the level layout, boss patterns and much more.

Starting off easy when playing a video game is definitely one of the most useful strategies to implement when playing, Trust me it works and you’ll thank me later. #12.) Have No interruptions: Now we’ve all been in a very important match of cod, Halo or FIFA and our little brother, sister, mom or dad or whoever the hell else is around us has come into our room telling us to take the trash out, or go to the store and this is pretty frustrating considering you’re in the middle of an online game and probably can’t pause.

But let’s be honest, whoever interrupted you probably doesn’t understand this, so this tip is to make sure you have done anything you need for your family before sitting down for a gaming session to avoid those annoying interuptions. #11.) Ensure you’re using a wired internet connection this one is probably the most obvious tips on this list but for gamers, and that is to have a wired internet connection when gaming online, not only will you have better download and upload speeds, you’ll lower your ping and you’ll also have less chance of getting disconnected during a play session. This is really important for people playing fps games like COD, Destiny basically any game where timing is key.

Wire up that connection and you won’t regret it. #10.) Have lots of Energy: Playing first person shooters, or puzzle games can actually use up a lot of energy in your brain due to your reaction time or puzzle solving skills, so if you don’t have a lot of energy in your body you’re gonna be tired, grumpy and not gonna perform very well while playing a video game. While personally I do not advise energy drinks I advise waiting until you’ve had breakfast and definitely a good night’s rest before playing competitive or against a friend. #9.)

Knowledge: Knowledge, knowing a lot about a particular class or weapon within a game or just knowing a lot about the game you’re playing is a sure-fire way to beat anyone who doesn’t know about the gun or class or the game you’re playing. this tip applies to a wide variety games such as Halo, COD, CSGO, TF2, Pokémon and many many more. Remember, knowledge is power kids, and knowing is half the battle! #8.) Watch youtube videos or follow walkthroughs Youtube game walkthroughs and written walkthroughs can truly be your best friend if you’re a gamer.

Since the early days of video games walkthroughs have been an essential part of the gaming process, sure you may like to figure things out on your own, but if you are really really stuck on a certain level within a game then consulting a walkthrough seems like a godsend. Definetly search up some walkthroughs and you might just find an easteregg you didn’t know about or get through that level that got the best of you. #7.) Know your controls: This one is pretty obvious, but oh so important! Everyone plays video games differently, if you play on console you can choose between a bunch of different controller layouts, or if you’re on PC you can customise every key right down to your mouse buttons to whatever you desire, wanna jump with right click because you play better with it? Go for it!

The way you play can ultimately decide the fate of you, or your foe. #6.) Always play the campaign or tutorial: Playing the campaign or tutorial before jumping online or doing a speed run of the campaign OR a legendary playthrough can ALWAYS help, given you time to learn the basics, the little tricks, weapons, counters, good defence, good attacks and the way around maps (if it’s a game that uses single player maps on multiplayer) #5.) Practice makes almost perfect: Practice in games can go a long way, especially in online, as tuning your mind and senses to the way the game plays can be very advantages. A lot of good players normally have hundreds of hours put into a game. You’ll notice the difference immediately between someone with hundreds of hours and someone who only has dozens of hours.

#4.) Preparation: Stocking up on potions, perks, weapons and armour that will do good against the enemy you’re going to be fighting is key. For example, fighting against Adloin in Skyrim is a VERY difficult thing to do without potions or good armour, or fighting the elite four in any Pokémon game, you’re Pokémon may be strong, but you never know if a move will kill your pokemon and screw up you’re plans. That’s why a potion is always necessary, or even revives preparation is key folks.

#3.) Patience: You won’t get very far without patience. Re-doing the same level over and over again is sure to get on anyone’s nerves but you must remember that in order to succeed you must fail, over and over and over again before you can get it right. That might mean replaying parts of a level you couldn’t beat or just planning moves carefully but This also applies to real life in ways too but this is a countdown about gaming so onto the next, #2.) Variety: Don’t just play one game all the time like FIFA, A good gamer plays all sorts of games, not just one, for instance, someone who only plays Halo all the time is not a good gamer, they are a good halo player, same goes for FIFA and COD or Sims. However, someone who plays a wide variety of games and is good at them IS a gamer as they do not confine themselves to one genre.

#1.) Always save: This tip is most important as nearly everything on this list can be obtained by doing this, it also goes hand in hand with patience. Boss battle? Fighting Karstaag? About to battle a gym trainer or capture a pokemon?

Save your game beforehand. I can’t stress this enough because Then if you fail, you can reload, and do it again and again and again and again. This can help you learn from previous mistakes and help build your patience.

Saving is key guys because depending on the game you’re playing it pretty much allows you to have infinite continues, and really that’s not a bad thing.